New Construction

To build a yacht is a technical, logistical and legal large-scale project: At the beginning, there is the idea, basic parameters have to be defined, plans created, a shipyard found, contracts prepared, works and budgets controlled and deadlines met. No yacht is like another. Each construction is different, almost every time, there are problems at some stage, where you need to find quick solutions. Short: As an owner, you do not want to deal with all the daily business. We take over the work for you, manage the construction from the idea to the launching, and of course are also next to your side later on if you wish.

Before: Preparation of call for tender, support in selecting suppliers, coordination of the different trades, support in selecting the materials on a technical and economical basis, the definition of milestones.

During: Monitoring of the milestones, quality controls of the work at the suppliers and on board, represent interests of clients on site, final inspection and technical support of the handover, recording of all approvals for warranty.

After: Warranty handling, organization of a crew training for the maintenance, customer support even after project closure.