Did you know, that up to 16 different paint layers are being applied onto the hull of a yacht? Paint has very great importance in the yacht area. Because no matter how elegant the lines of a ship are, if the paint is messed up, the beautiful image is gone. And it does not stop here. Because the painting shall not just look nice and last long, it shall also protect the yacht from external influences, has to endure a lot and shall not fail even under the most adverse circumstances. We consult you and guide you and your yacht in this process, so you do not have to worry about a thing. We examine and evaluate the current condition and advise you regarding the next work steps. We get offers and thanks to our long-term experience we know, who you can trust in handing over the projects. But also during the painting procedure we co-operate closely with the respective project team and guarantee that the work is accomplished correctly and according to your wishes.

Before: Analysis and evaluation of the current situation, creation of a refit concept and presentation of a proposal for a suitable coating system, work process calculations, tendering and negotiation with shipyard and suppliers, evaluation of suitable suppliers based on their strengths and weaknesses.

During: Quality control of the work, represent the client's interests on site, documentation of intermediate approvals for traceability, final inspection and technical support during handover.

After: Warranty handling, organization of a crew training for the maintenance, customer support even after project closure. The current measurement methods following the ICOMIA Standards are being used.